How To Solve Reading Difficulty Among Undergraduates

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The academic performance of undergraduates in today’s higher institution is bedeviled with reading difficulty; most undergraduates find it difficult to develop reading culture for some it’s a personal problem while some is an environmental problem. Whatever is the case it is important to develop a reading culture. In solving reading difficulty among undergraduates we must first understand what reading entails.
Readingis a unique human activity that is marked by the translation of symbols or letters into words and sentences that communicate information and of course makes sense to the reader. Reading is also a process that involves recognizing words, leading to the development of comprehension. It is the ability to recognize words in any written text and also comprehend or the ability to understand the meaning of written words or symbols.
Reading helps undergraduate students in sourcing and reading journal articles online in order to be able to form research project topics in any study area.
In the process of reading the reader seeks to understand and comprehend the meaning of written words, the reader goes further to evaluates its significance and uses what he/she has read to improve on his/her knowledge.
In Nigeria higher institutions for instance, reading is associated with passing examinations and is seen as a means of accomplishing academic success. This mindset reflects in students’ lack of inspiration to read in their leisure time and outside their disciplines since they associate reading with textbooks and attending school.
As undergraduates voluntary reading is paramount not just for your personal development but also for an improved academic learning and performance. To become a fluent reader and speaker it requires a lot of reading. However difficulty of reading among undergraduates is one of the urgent problems in today’s institution and calls for serious attention. Below are different ways in which reading difficulty among undergraduates can be improved.
The Need For Reading Habits
Developing a reading culture fosters a love for reading and a habit of reading among learners. Habit is a tendency to repeat an act again and again. Habits are regularly repeated behavior that requires little or no thought and is learned rather than innate (Encyclopedia Britannica). Reading culture evolves when an individual habitually and regularly reads books and other information materials that are not necessarily required for him/her to advance in his profession or career.
There is need to develop a reading habits as an undergraduates if you must be among the world changers, he who reads is an informed person and will most likely solve problems easier than one who does not read. Reading helps you move form a lower level of understanding to a higher one. Undergraduates who read are most likely to move from one level of understanding to other both academically and otherwise as it is said that a reading person is an educated, informed, innovative and wise person.
Therefore, the habit of reading can only be cultivated through constant or regular and dedicated reading of information resources by undergraduates’ students for acquiring knowledge which will be applied practically for personal and societal development. The need for reading habit as undergraduates is very important aside improving your academic performance it will help you face the challenges of life rather than run away, because you are most likely to finding innovative solutions for every problem that comes your way such as academic, social or economic problems. It has been established that students who read bring about scientific breakthroughs; this is because they are never satisfied with the status-quo. They are always a delight to have around because they have something to offer. They are never lacking in employment because they have what every employer is looking out for as a result of their intellectual capacity in that particular field. They are also known to set the pace for their peers in every aspect of human endeavors.
Students who read will usually end up as successful because they have been able to extend their knowledge latitude and longitude, and make decisions that improve their situations and the situations of their world. They are people who affect generations. They are the inventors, the creators, and innovators.
Encourage Group Reading
To solve reading difficulty among undergraduates, group reading is highly encouraged this is because group reading will help in adding to an already existing knowledge of a particular subject matter because everyone or most persons in the group will be expected to make adequate and proper contributions to the subject matter. To make group reading more interesting, group members are expected to read extensively and make necessary research as regards the subject matter to be able to give a better explanation to other group members doing this exercise is a great way of enhancing students’ knowledge on issues both academically and otherwise.
Group discussion is a method of organizing a joint communication in the interests of intensive and productive solutions of group task. The main object of the discussion is the exchange of opinions between participants, clarification and harmonization of their positions, development of a common approach to the problem.
This method of group discussion contributes to the consolidation of the knowledge; it broadens students’ horizons, increases reading activity among undergraduate students, also the culture of reading and the culture of dialogue.
Improve The Learning Environment
Improving the learning environment is another way to solving reading difficulty among undergraduates. Learning environment are suppose to be conducive enough for reading, a well conducive and quite environment will automatically send signals that this is a reading place and comprehension will be easier because it is away from any form of distraction and inconveniences. If we must have reading and creative undergraduates, then the government and school management must understand the positive influence of having a conducive reading environment for students.
Furnish The Library With Books That Are Relevant To The Institution
The first characteristic of an early reading environment is the availability of books and the regular modeling of reading. School and public libraries must be equipped to have what readers need/want to read. Since the usual starting place to read is the library, then it is expected not to fall out of expectation, it should be up to standard. The library is also known to be a quite place to read as such it is advisable that students take this advantage and read as disturbance and noise making is prohibited.
School library should be stocked with updated books that are relevant to the institution and every course of study in the institution not with outdated books that are no longer in the institution curriculum of study as this will damp the spirit of reading among undergraduates. Students are supposed to find relevant books to read as it relates to their course of study in the school library. If otherwise, students will no longer fancy to go and read in the library because they will always assume the books are not available which will gradually make it difficult for them to read or form the habit of reading.
Therefore, it is expected that every institution Library should also have spaces for hard copies of diverse books, computers, internet access, and diverse furniture to suite students reading and interactive postures. Students can as well use library outside of the university library.
In conclusion, it is advisable for undergraduates to imbibe the culture and habit of reading as a way of life which can transcend reading for academic results to personal and societal development for instance reading for political understanding and inclusive social participation also reading for a regular audience with God for daily guidance in direction and choices. Form a reading habit to be above your peers and stand a chance in opportunities life has to offer. Read to be an asset and not a liability and also secure your future. Finally, read for excellent academic performance.
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